Advertisements Public Victimization

Bombarded with endless reports about the threat of global warming, the destruction of the ozone layer, many people become aware about the importance of saving our world. As the result, many companies race to campaign about go green and claims that their products are safe to be consumed as well as Eco friendly in their advertisements to attract the consumers. The question is “Is the advertisement saying the truth?” Unfortunately, there are so many advertisements on TV, newspaper, magazine, etc which seems to exaggerate their advertisements. Many companies only concern about the profit they can achieve by exaggerating their advertisements and take the opportunity of people awareness to save the world. We, as the consumers should be wise in choosing products advertised on TV, newspaper, magazine, etc.

We have to be wise in choosing the right products advertised because of some reasons. The first one is the fact that some advertisements are exaggerating claims about the environmental benefits of their products. In fact, many of their products still use can or plastic as their packaging which are obviously are not recycled and even some of their products contain harmful substance. Moreover, the advertisements are also responsible in shaping society belief. For an instance, in Indonesia many cosmetic advertisements convey the idea that women are considered to be beautiful when they have fair complexion. As the result, many Indonesian women struggle very hard to have fair complexion regardless the harmful substance which the cosmetic products may contain such as mercury.

To overcome these problems, the government and the society as the consumers have to cooperate. The government should control the advertisements in mass media. They can establish an institution which is in charge to control the advertisements in mass media. The institution can codify some rules which have to be obeyed by the companies. Only health claims supported by strong scientific evidence will be permitted to be published. The society, as the consumers, has to be aware about the advertisements they watch or read. We have to analyze whether the advertisements are saying the truth or just exaggerating their products; we cannot just believe about what the advertisement said. We need to check the expired date and the contains of the products.